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About Us

Jackie Aumer

I have been involved in St. Louis theatre since 1984 (feel free to do the math), both on and off stage.  It's so exciting to see how much we have in the metropolitan area - within a 1 hour drive you can find 70 or more theatre groups and college productions to play with and attend!  When you click on the "Performances" page you will find that there is something going on almost any day of the week - no wonder I can't get my laundry and dishes done!  What I know and love, I like to share!

Inside this online newsletter you will find links of all kinds, theatre seasons, a listing of performances by date, stuff for kids and teens, auditions and other opportunities and anything else I can think of.  Please be patient while I get all of this data loaded into the site.


Contact Us

I can't keep up with everything going on in town, so if you know of a new group or production that I am missing, drop me an email at  Also I would appreciate it if you will let me know that a link is wrong, or no longer works.  We are all in this together!

Too many shows, not enough money?

I know that feeling!  Here's a tip - volunteer to usher.  This is the best kept secret - it's an easy gig and you get to see the show free!  Contact your favorite group to get on their usher list.

What's new??

Coming soon -

Back Stage Pass, featuring articles on playwrights, composers, directors, producers, theaters and - YES - actors!

Newly Added

FINALLY!  Auditions, opportunities for directors, tech and youth theater items are starting to magically, and mysteriously, appear on these pages!

There is a LOT more information coming in these areas.  The St. Louis area is ALIVE with theatre opportunities for people of all ages!

The Big Apple

Planning a trip to New York?  Or maybe you just want to see what shows are on and off Broadway that might be coming to a theatre NEAR YOU!!!  Go to the ET AL tab and check out this new section.